Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Runescape Related Books

Runescape: The Official Handbook

Vaskor's review: It wouldn't be a Runescape book store without the Official Runescape Handbook listed in, so here it is! All the basics are here - perfect for kids who are just starting the game.


Vaskor's review: Runescape dwarves, trolls and famous dwarven cakes all came from this book. Almost unaltered.

Small Gods

Vaskor's review: Runescape sea turtles definitely came from this book. Besides it is a very smart and funny book about gods, faith and religion.

Equal Rites

Vaskor's review: this is where Runescape witches came from. All of them. And if you know who Merch Gwyar is, it is a book about her too. One of my favorites in the Discworld series.

Guards! Guards!

Vaskor's review: what you can glimpse from this book is a nature and spirit of Varrock (aka Ankh-Morpork). One of the best books about Vimes too.

The Lord of the Rings

Vaskor's review: guess what, mithril came from this epic trilogy, as well as many other fantasy elements and creatures.

The Best of H. P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre

Knifestorm's review: We often think of Gielinor as a light hearted land, but it does have dark corners. Many of the more horrific elements in Runescape were inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The quests "Horror From the Deep" draws upon Lovecraftian themes, but the strongest link is in the quest "Slug Menace". Read Lovecraft's story "Shadow Over Innsmouth" and then do the "Slug Menace" quest and you will feel you are experiencing a retelling of the same story: townsmen who become semi-aquatic creatures, mobs of monster from which you must flee, a temple to inhuman gods, government agents - it's all there.

Lankhmar Book 1: Swords And Deviltry

Knifestorm's review: Who are you playing in Runescape? You are often tricked by the people you are trying to help, you face danger with self effacing humor, you are sent by other people to gather strange items. . . I think the character we play in the game is something like Fafhrd or the Grey Mouser. Who?? These are characters created by Fritz Leiber in the early days of fantasy writing. He invented the stereotypes that many other authors later tried to copy. Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser are fighters and thieves and sometimes spell caster. Their stories are full of action and exotic exploits and are just plain fun to read. The stories have been republished recently as the Lankhmar series - but this is not one of those endless series that people write now days, this is more of a collection of short stories and novellas which happen to involve the same characters in the same world. Each story stands on its own.

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