Friday, October 19, 2007

Runescape Humor

Funny stories and posts


Aug 11. The Great Runescape Translation Guide
Aug 18. Bob speaks out
Aug 28. The Interview of a Player Moderator
Sep 6. Crazy Random Events
Nov 3. Evil Twin?
Nov 17. Funny Video
Dec 2. Interview with a Dragon
Dec 20. Basics of Snowball Warfare


Jan 20. The Truth About Chinchompa Land
Jan 27. Teh Noob Show
Feb 8. Crazy High Alching
Feb 25. Fortify your house. Now!
Apr 30. Sharks and End of the Universe
Jun 4. Runescape Addiction Symptoms
Jun 5. Is Gielinor Round or Flat?
Aug 9. English to Noob Language Translator
Aug 11. They may also call you a murderer.
Sep 15. Runescape Riddle
Oct 22. Noob Wars and Death by a Chicken
Dec 18. Evil Twin and Runescape Glitches


Jan 21. Runescape Power Leveling: The Guide to Level 99 Everything
Jan 25. Must Have guide for Pet Rock Owners
Feb 24. How about stimuli package in Runescape?
Mar 21. Ardoo... ardou... arrrrgh!
Apr 1. Cabbages and Kings
Jun 14. Rinescape Secrets Revealed
Jul 16. Armadyl Godsword Advertisement
Jul 21. What else can you do with Godsword in Runescape?
Sep 1. Beak areful with this one, he looks shifty!
Sep 3. Shouting Match between Neitiznot and Jatizso
Sep 14. Runescape Cookout Event
Sep 25. The secret of Brimhaven agility course
Oct 3. Sleeping Bag and ICE CUBE MAN
Oct 5. Wordplay
Oct 26. Alternate reality in Runescape
Oct 30. Tour of Jagex's headquarters


Feb 16. Runescape Olympics
Apr 27. They say ants are strong...
May 26. Why do you resort to violence so often?..
Jun 20. Dogs have owners, cats have staff
Jul 22. LOLs
Aug 31. Endangered Specie
Nov 27. Save the Sabre-toothed Kyatt


Mar 8. Cause of bad manners in Runescape
Apr 7. Honest Players Overrun RuneScape
Apr 26. 25 Signs the Runescape Economy is tanking

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