Thursday, August 16, 2007

N0valyfe's blog

Well, I just thought, I'll point you to it. After all, N0valyfe is (or was) one of legendary Runescape players. If you are interested in Runescape history or just want to find out more about a player who challenged Zezima for so long, take a look at N0valyfe's Runescape Album.


Mushroom Queen said...

Did he ever say why he quit? All of the people that I knew who met him always said he was a nice guy.

Vaskor said...

Well, this is from his blog:

The last few days have been very tough on my mind, and I don't ever intend to repeat them. Instead I had to make a decision, if not for the better then at least to lift my burden. I have been given a lot of time to consider the state of things not in Runescape, but rather outside of it. Friends have called me, family has worried about me, everyone wants me to move on, and I've turned my back on them for many months, because I thought I was reaching for something greater, something I WANTED, ie, rank 1 position in Runescape and everything that goes along with filling Zezima's shoes. But is this what I really want? I had to pace back and forth for hours, I had to walk around the neighborhood, I had to sit down with friends who have lived with me for years, in order to come up with an answer. No. It isn't what I really want, not anymore, anyway. The moment I doubted my very reasons for playing was the moment I saw my now-lofty goals come tumbling down.

Thus comes my decision--I won't renew my membership after October. I must quit while I'm ahead, before I slowly play myself into a permanently scarred mental state. Things simply have to move on, and I've lost sight of the very reason I began Runescape in the first place--to win glory and self-satisfaction by piecing together the perfect character. Skill total was all I ever cared for, and I fooled myself into thinking I was fit for bigger and better collections and completions but my very nature plays contrary to that. I can't ignore it now; instead I must accept it.

So, for the next month, I'll be living out my mortality.

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