Friday, August 24, 2007

Runescape Gold for Real Money?

I'd like to show you a few different perspectives on this issue. Yes, it is not a one sided thing. I am personally against real world trading for Runescape gold, but I agree, that the game can be restructured to officially allow such trading and still be a fun to play.
All right, here go different views:
You'll get BANNED! from the Runescape Game Play blog
Solving the Runescape Gold selling problem from RS Haven
Real World Item Trading: Crack Down from RuneHead
Yet, again, I do encourage you to listen to the 'You'll get banned' voice, because it is the current reality. Do not do such trades!!! But at the same time I wish Jagex would take yet another look at the whole issue and see if there are other ways to handle it.

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