Saturday, September 15, 2007

Categories of Runescape Fan Sites

Take a look at a categorization of Runescape fan sites from Mushroom Queen. It is the first time I see it clearly written down.

Where does Runewise fit in there? I like to think about Runewise as a service-oriented site but at the same time we do offer personalized advice to the players, so advice site is also an applicable name. The thing is that the advice is delivered as a service as well.

There is also two additional categories that I think should be spelled out:
1. Runescape Blogs.
As well as any other subject Runescape got itself a healthy blogosphere. Players are sharing their thoughts, knowledge and feelings in personal blogs. How many good blogs are there? Check out links on the right side, check links from these blogs - there is no end. I see this area is growing rapidly.

2. Runescape Online Papers and Journals.
Things like RS Haven, R!Informer, Runehead Editorials (and, I fancy, at some degree this Runescape Reader's Digest) are not advice sites, nor they are personal blogs in a normal sense. These are the places where you go to find Runescape articles and analytics.

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