Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aticipation of the Grand Exchange 4

Yet another Grand Exchange pre-release analysis. This time it is a comprehensive report on 20 pages. I am almost not exaggerating.


Timothy Gold said...


It's the fourth time you're including an entry about the Grand Exchange, and it just had to be a 20-paged article...

Not even new skills get this much attention lol.

Knifestorm said...

My eyes glossed over toward the end, but the author had many good points. How much can we say about a feature that is not yet released???

Here is my prediction of how the GE will work:

You go to the GE and offer something up for sale.
You get to chose the price.
The item is removed form your inventory.

The GE will charge a fee for their services (say 10% of the asking price).

If you log off, the item is no longer available for sale but it does not return to your bank*.
The only way you can get the item back is if you buy it yourself (losing some money due to the 10% fee**).

It will not be an auction.

It will not have fancy search features.

The UI will look a lot like the general store's.

There will be some sort of limit on the number of items for sale, but it's anybody's guess on how this limit will be implemented. My guess is that when the GE inventory is full, new items for sale will bump the oldest items off the lists until some space frees up again.

The GE will be different on the first 4 weeks than it will be later on. This is because people will have cleared their banks of unwanted stuff, the novelty will wear off, and Jagex will make some tweaks.

Prices will go down, but the sky*** will not fall.

*This prevents players from trading between two accounts that they own.
** This prevents players from using the GE as a free storage space. A fee will also make it harder for people to manipulate prices.
*** Did I say "sky"? No that's a different update.

Timothy Gold said...

What really impressed me was the potential abuses of the Grand Exchange he listed in the article. It never occurred to me that the update could be taken advantage of that way.

Steve said...

I do love the Truthscape guides but why do they always have to be so long? I read the first page then just read parts of the following pages.

I had never thought of a listing fee, interesting idea.

I cant see there being any problems with price manipulation, no one will be able to pm millions of players to keep the price high or low.

I do hope I can sell my runeboots, lava staves etc on the GE before the price drops to the alch level, but then again I lose the mage xp.

Jagex had better have done their homework on this update, the assist caused uproar and there was no real change, I would not want to be a J Mod when the GE comes out and the forum mods had better be prepared, good or bad there are going to be a lot of angry people threatening to quit.

Vaskor said...

This update is indeed more important than any new skill would ever be. So the hype and anticipation are fully justified. Will see how it goes, but I am pretty sure that Jagex will make it working right (with a few weeks of adjustments but still).

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