Saturday, December 8, 2007

Grand Exchange and surviving the market crash

Very detailed analysis of the recent market crash at Runescape and Grand Exchange role in it from TruthScape. Good point there about Grand Exchange only revealing the otherwise hidden problem with accumulation of skilling end-products. The article also gives a few practical advices how to benefit in the current situation.
Many players blame Grand Exchange with the unprecedented prices drop, I agree with the article, the blame is un-justified. GE is an efficient marketplace (at least much more efficient that we used to have) and its efficiency simply accelerated the processes which already existed in the game.
I also agree, that Jagex could have done a better job of quieting the panic which worsen the situation.
Anyway, the sky did not fell over, the market is stabilizing, there are great opportunities to make money now, it's just a bit harsh for many players. C'est la vie.

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Anonymous said...

GE as a whole has been great, however some items need a minimum sell price, for example I work alot to get fine cloth, I used to sell for 8-10k per before grand exchange. Now Im lucky to get 1.5k per. It not even worth getting anymore..........

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