Thursday, December 6, 2007

Truth behind Runescape Gravestones?

OK, I found this quote on RuneVillage forum:

"You may visit Muntabii in the Mage arena found in deep Wilderness to reserve your gravestone. For 50,000gp (50k) you may set your account to keep all your items when dying, even when skulled or attacked by another player. For 100k, you may also buy other peoples items from there gravestones..."

Couldn't find the original source, though. Does anybody have more information on the subject?


Timothy Gold said...

It's not an accidental leak from Runescape; that much I know...

Grammar's pretty bad. Rather uncharacteristic of Jagex, no?

Knifestorm said...

Here is what Jagex says:
"If you die while holding any items, you will reveal the fourth of our updates this month. A gravestone will temporarily appear on the spot where you perished, which can be read and admired by passers-by. It will even be possible to purchase increasingly impressive gravestones, all the way up to the ominous 'Angel of Death'"

So the basic gravestone does not need to be purchased - all you need to do is be holding an item when you die. You can, however, buy fancy gravestones.

Everything else is speculation.

Here are my two favorite theories:
1: You will no longer drop stuff when you die.
2: You will drop stuff when you die in the wilderness, but it will take some time for your drops to show up. The gravestone will mark the spot where the dropped stuff will show up. This means people other than the Killer may know where to look for dropped items, and this means using the Wild for RWT would be more difficult.

It does seem odd to me that you should spend money buying fancy gravestones - advertising your defeat. The fancy stones must have some benefit.

Of course, there is always theory #3:
They are just grave markers and nothing else in the game changes.

Any way, I don't find the quote you highlighted to be credible.

Vaskor said...

Could be just a rumor

Anonymous said...

getting more fancy gravestones are cause the better ones stay there longer and they do hold your items till you come and get them.

Anonymous said...

people get better ones cause they last longer than non-fancier ones. they also hold your items until the time is up.

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