Sunday, January 13, 2008

RWT and Quitting

Nothing very new in this article about Jagex fighting RWT, but what caught my attention there is the fact that this player quited the game because of the recent changes. Quited with a believed that Jagex nevertheless made the right steps. Speaking about reasons to quit! I don't feel sorry for this player, but I sure respect his/her position.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vaskor said...

I deleted the previous comment because of the obnoxious language. Even if you are frustrated about your Runescape experiences, please, be mature and express yourself properly. I will not tolerate obnoxious language and profanity in my blog. Thank you.

Here is the censored comments which I deleted:
"i resign this becuase i am one of thouse thousands players quiting becuase of the resent updates i do not like no pking of unblanced trade i can not give my brother anything no more and he cant give me stuff so i think runescape and jagex [censored]"

Anonymous said...

I resent real world trading as much as anyone, but losing the wild hurt. I don't even pk but the wild was a huge part of the game. When they did this, I said "there must be a better way". But alas the wild is no more.

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