Friday, January 2, 2009

Affiliation with MechScape World

I am happy to announce that MechScape World and Runescape Reader's Digest are officially affiliated now!

You might be already familiar with MechScape World and Ren (its owner), as I linked several outstanding research reports Ren made about Jagex and Runescape in the Runescape Reader's Digest before. These reports were
published on TruthScape forum (at least that was were I found them).

While MechScape World site and forum are obviously focused on upcoming new Jagex's MMO, there is also a great deal of Runescape related information to be found there. And, of course, Ren's research reports. Here is the latest one which among other things (like MechScape and ThirdScape) talks about Runescape future and Jagex's plans for Runescape.


1 comment:

Ren said...

Cheers for the props - your blog is cool :)

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