Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buying Runescape Capes

Yet another passionate article about players not getting deserved respect for Skill Capes in "buyable" skills.

I just want to reiterate my view on this topic: there are NO "lowly" 99th in Runescape, every one requires enormous amount of work and dedication put into it. As for how much work, it depends. Some players make a lot of easy money (for instance, by merchanting) and thus able to speed up training of "buyable" skills significantly, but many others train these skills without buying expensive supplies (or spend a lot of time earning money) and for them levels in these skills have the same degree of difficulty as levels in "non-buyable" skills.

As for "deserving respect", skill capes don't make their owner more respectable - players earn respect by other means. You know what I mean.

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