Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jagex prevents a school shooting

Interesting topic I just found on MechScape World forum about Jagex reporting school shooting threats made inside the game and on Runescape forum to the US authorities thus preventing several incidents. The topic talks about two such cases, I would guess, there could be more. In any case, it is good that Jagex takes this kind of stuff seriously. Who knows, how real those threats were, but with all probability Jagex saved some kids lives right there.


Jamie said...

.....I live right next to that town! I feel safe.

G said...

The comments are ridiculous. I like the blatant disregard for the subject matter but the the " idiots..." comments.

Do you really expect a reporting source to get all the facts about an online game correct? It doesn't change the point.

/vent over

Anonymous said...

what happen to the days of kids getting in fist fights? Now it's all about solving problems with guns. Just sad really.

If they think they got it tough now wait until you get out in the real world.......

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