Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Probability and Runescape

Awesome article from Tip.it about probability of drops in Runescape and players trying to force an order to the realm of probabilities. Which is natural, but simply does not work. "What goes around, comes around" and no point in getting upset about it. And, yeah, "Hakuna Matata", my friends, "Hakuna Matata".

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G said...

Thank god! I've been telling this to people for what seems like forever. People I know cry and cry because they've spent months at GWD getting bad drops, building some sort of gauge leading to a bigger drop then claim it was all for nothing.

I don't get that logic. It's not like you intentionally got bad drops when you went.

It's like using a random number generator after each kill. The previous one has no bearing on the next.

I hope a lot of people read this.

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