Saturday, January 24, 2009

Profanity in Runescape Clan Chats

I like Blessings clan and always had good relationships with its members. That's why I hate to use this Boombaye's post as an example for the subject. But that's the only "documented" sample I have and it is truth, even if a bitter one.

If you are just a passer by in a chat and don't like the way people talk in there, you can simply leave. Easy enough. But what if it is your clan's chat and your clan fellow members. What should you do? What would you do?

Leave the chat and try to forget about it?
Leave the clan?

Of course, there could be different situations and a lot is dependent on a relationships with the clan members and clan leaders. That's why I sure can't and won't criticize either Boombaye's decision or reaction from the Blessings clan leadership.

But I was thinking what would I personally do in such situation. And I think that I would report the incident to the clan leader and see if any steps are made to fix the problem. Ultimately it is up to the clan leaders to set tone and rules in the clan chat. If no steps are taken and the way the clan chat is run bothers me I would leave the clan.


Timothy Gold said...

Yes, I'd consider this an interesting topic that's certainly worth discussing. I also thank you for not passing judgement on this particular incident, while still being able to offer your perspective on the matter.

Though I do not share Boombaye's strong intolerance of foul language, I noted genuine restraint on his part for not reporting Spamicken.

His leaving of the clan, at least in my opinion, was a little extreme, but his actions (including an earlier case when he *did* report a clan member) still gained my grudging respect as I had believed that they were driven by his own personal principles.

However, even during the days after his resignation, Boombaye continues to frequent the clan's clanchat, effectively nullifying the trouble he took to avoid the chat's profanities in the first place.

This has led me to suspect that he wasn't doing what he had thought was right, but was simply trying to impress some sort of "statement" to the clan.

As you have said, Vaskor, context is key. I ponder whether Boombaye was truly offended by those words during the previous reporting incident, or just indifferent to the fate of his fellow clanmate.

Vaskor said...

Tim, thank you for the comment and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this situation is not unique. After leaving blessings (not for this but due to time zone isues)and joing my current clan hevns fallen, I am aware of this being standard practice, reflecting the game of runescape itself.

the CC is better policed (because of the ability to kick), but clan members still act inappropriately at times. It still amazes me how some people do not consider others feeling or how other would react to thier statements, and to think before they type.

Also I can relate to the uneasiness of not wanting to report fellow clan members, when by every right they should be reported. In my mind spam was wrong. Such conversations, if had, should be pmed between the 2 parties. That kind of talk is not for the cc.

Boom sent a message by quitting, however if what tim said is true, is all for not as he is back in that cc again anyway (hard to take a person getting offended seriously when that happens). My advice to boom looking back would have been to talk to a clan mod such as tim, and ask him if he could have done something about it.
Quitting should be a last resort, especially if you enjoy the cc.

But behavior such as spams should be policed better as well. It's supposed to be a game for all to enjoy. 00chief00

Titus Yeo said...

I feel a need to speak about this. For Boom, I don't know his motives, although i think he is just trying to gain attention. There is always a "leave chat" button if one feels offended my the contents of a conversation, or he could have asked Spam to carry the conversation somewhere else, but what Boom chose to do was to publicise this act of inapprioriate speech. And similar to Tim, thanks to Vaskor for reporting this incident as objectively as possible. :)

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