Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adult MMO players are fit – physically if not mentally

Finally, I stumbled upon a study that argues against a myth about adult MMO players all being nerdy "coach potatoes". I kind of suspected it all along, as not a single adult player I personally know would fit into a profile of "coach potato". But now I have an independent study to back it up. EverQuest was used to conduct the study upon, but I am sure similar Runescape study would yield the same results.

P.S. If you ask me, I'd say TV is much, much more dangerous for people's health and way bigger time waster. IMHO, that is.


G said...

I get the depression thing, its easier to be a little more open when just online. It also is a little easier for those with panic disorders who want to feel social, yet have some issues being in crowds.

The thirties thing makes sense. The ones that got hooked to the 2600 years ago still like to play.

I find it interesting about the physically fit. I think it gamers and mmorpg players are easy to stereotype because its easy to assume someone who sits in front of a computer for extended periods of time is out of shape. Funny thing is, you might see someone online for 5 hours, you never know what they're doing with the rest of their lives. You'd be amazed how surprised some would be.

As for tv, internet, whatever - everything in moderation.

man said...

hey i am mmo playa and im fit as a horse =)

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it is teach u how not to be noob in lots of stuff , not just runescape

i am not spam bot, i just has trouble with grammar so plz dont disregard me as sum idiot!!! thx :D


Vaskor said...

G, yes, moderation is the key.

Vaskor said...

Man, thank you for the comment and link. I subscribed to your blog and will be monitoring it. Cheers!

Mark said...

I didn't see that coming 0_o

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