Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Chosen Commander quest

Did the Chosen Commander quest today. Took me a little less than 2 hours (without a guide, of course), so the quest wasn't that long and not hard. What can I say? I enjoyed it very much. The quest was very well designed, almost perfect. And the Bandos Throne Room was truly a masterpiece.

Here is what I liked about the quest:

  • As I mentioned above, the quest was very well designed and flown smoothly. There wasn't a single time when I would had been tempted to look for an outside guide. The riddles were interesting and challenging, but didn't require any kind of "obscure knowledge" or "quickness of fingers".
  • The story behind the quest was rather engaging, you won't be disappointed.
  • No mindless running around, everything (except for a few minor steps) fitted into the story and made sense.
  • The Bandos Throne Room was a beauty.
And just a few things I didn't like:
  • I mentioned exceptions above. Yes, there were two small occasions of "go fetch" activities right before the final battle. I am referring to the "time box" and "final check on children" steps. IMHO, the quest would do just fine without these steps. Fortunately, both were quick.
  • The quest was very emotional and you do get to feel for Zanik, but I think they overdid it just a little bit. I mean, how many times should I sit beside her and feel sad?
  • The final battle was a bit hectic, though, it wasn't hard. I liked the idea about the crossbow assembly, but quite honestly I didn't quite realize how it appeared on the floor in bits and pieces.
  • The Bandos Throne Room was a beauty during the quest, but now it is filled with hordes of angry players and their familiars. Will I ever see this room in its serene beauty ever again?
But in general, great quest - one of the best!


Timothy Gold said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

It was a beautifully made quest.

Jax said...

I did like this quest. A little bummed that quest 150 wasn't more...challenging...but as a quest this was good.

The story made sense. Most of the tasking made sense (again, I agree with you Vaskor on the sitting being sad part). I also appreciated that it made people learn their way around Dorgesh city a bit. I think that's one of the better cities in the game.

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