Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death in Runescape

Absenm's post about his virtual deaths in Runescape prompted me to sit down and write down my experiences in this regard. Similarly to Absenm, I haven't died that often. In fact over the span of four years I died exactly six times (not counting minigames, of course). I suspect that players who don't PK, all have somewhat similarly low "death profile". Anyway, because of such rarity every death I had in Runescape was truly an event (maybe even a milestone) for me. Every one was accompanies by such strong emotions, that I still remember all of them vividly and, in fact, treasure these memories as some of the best moments of my Runescape life. Death in Runescape never became a routine for me and I really like it this way.

1. Dark Wizards south of Varrock.
I suspect they killed more people players give them credit for. They did kill me during my second day of playing the game while I was exploring the world and looking for a way to get to that huge unknown city on the map. That was my first introduction to the dangers of Runescape - tough but very important lesson.

2. My next death came from a random event. I was walking north from Falador and, when I was almost at the Taverly gates, somebody called me from the kitchen. When 5 minutes later I came back and logged into the game, I was in Lumbridge, missing parts of my adamant armor, which I was working my tail off for several days to obtain... Thus I learned to log off every time I was about to step away from the computer.

3. After that I didn't die for almost a year. Until I was PKed. At that time I was around 60-70 combat, was wearing full rune, ring of wealth (100K at the time!) and wielding dragon long. I started to get Slayer assignments for Green Dragons (and I didn't know about "buthorping"). Naturally that forced me to venture into the Wilderness. I've been there before collecting bones at the Bone Yard, but it was the first time I had to go there to fight. I made my first couple of trips to lvl 21 spot north from Edgeville and was fairly successful: I met only one pker on the second trip, but was able to run away without problems. This encounter alarmed me, though, and I decided to look for another spot, preferably not that deep in the Wilderness. So I found lvl 13 spot, stocked up with tuna and went there. I was careful: before engaging into a fight I observed other players down there; they were all fighting dragons. I also noticed a mage staying aside, wearing full magic outfit but having only 50 or so combat level. I disregarded him, trusting my higher combat level, full inventory of tuna, and proximity of the exit. As soon as I went down to the dragons, he attacked me, hitting consistent 10+ blows. Having my auto-retaliation on, I ran toward him, got snared and panicked. Next minute or so I spent frantically trying to reach the border of the wilderness and eating. I didn't think about removing my rune platebody or turning my auto-retaliation off. Soon I was dead and lost about 200K worth of equipment. It was a harsh blow to my finances. I contacted the PKer and bought my staff back. That was another good lesson, in fact, I was able to avoid being pked since then. I started to bring teleport runes with me, switched to lvl 32 spot for fighting Green Dragons and learned to recognize worlds with active pking going on.

4. After I got Prayer up to 43 I went on a questing spree. The quests seemed so easy to me, I felt like protection from melee prayer made me invincible. Even the Legends quest wasn't that hard - I never came even close to being dead. I completely lost respect to quest bosses. And then the Haunted Mine happened... The quest was listed as Medium difficulty, the boss was listed as 90 something combat - all that sounded very easy to me. And it was easy right until the boss fight, when I was bulldozered by the train carts and smashed by cranes into a pulp, loosing 350K of armor along the way. Surely enough, it quickly fixed my attitude toward questing.

5. I was killed by a revenant while looking for a clue in the high level wilderness. Had to spend a lot of time getting back my clue finding equipment. After that I stopped going to the wilderness unprepared. I would always wear dragonhide, have good food, energy pots and antipoison with me. Also soon after that I read Alex's article and started to go there fully equipped and actually fight back.

6. My last death was from revenants too, but it was very different from #5. Just like before I went into the high level wilderness looking for a clue and got ambushed by a revenant orck. But this time, instead of running, I fought back. The fight was going well until the point when a revenant knight joined in. I ran and died a few steps from the Mage Arena, leaving millions under the gravestone. I quickly restocked and was able to come back in time to get my stuff back. After that I singled out both the knight and the orck, killed them and proceeded to get my clue.

So that's my "death" story. What's yours?


Cremlin said...

I don't PK either, but I guess I'm less careful than you, as I have died more than ten times. I've been killed by the dark mages about 3 times when I was a newb. A couple of times by randoms when I wasn't paying attention (you know, skilling and looking away from the screen for a minute, then looking about and being in Falador). I remember my quest deaths best.

Timothy Gold said...

I die on a daily basis :-)

I make it a point to kill Bork everyday for the Summoning Charms he drops. The fights always leave me battered and bruised, but instead of eating to restore my health, I simply teleport to Lumbridge, bank all my items in the Culinaromancer's Chest, and then enter the Dorgeshuun tunnel and get myself killed by the insects.

My Run and Prayer get restored too.

Cremlin said...

That's very clever tim =)
I've used death for free transport to falador before

Vaskor said...

To be killed every day by insects in the dark, no, thank you :-)

G said...

With the exception of Spirits of the Elid, I died on every desert quest. The most brutal was Smoking Kills, after I made 2k addy arrows. Something happened where I was about one hit away from killing the boss, I went through the barrier, came back and had to kill him all over again.

Most favorite one, wandering into the ice cave at lvl 70 thinking I was high enough level to kill whatever was in there. That's when I learned about skeletal wyverns and required slayer levels. lost my full rune. I got my revenge though... I got my revenge...

Aximili E I said...

I remember my first death it was near Lumby during the Halloween event 05. I was greeted by the grim reaper and for the longest time afterwords I thought that the grim reaper randomly appeared at your death even though it was past the event lol

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