Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interviews with Jagex's employees

Yet another amazing find from Ren. This time it is a series of video interviews with Jagex's employees, including:

  • Henrique Olifiers (Head of MechScape)
  • Mark Brassington (Senior Graphics Modeller)
  • David Coleman (Bug Abuse Lead Curator)
  • Will Knox-Walker (RuneScape Release Co-ordinator)
  • Laura Watton (2D FunOrb Artist)
  • Alex Janaway (Associate Producer [of MechScape?])
  • Dean Ollive (RuneScape QA Unit Lead)
If you are keen to take a look at the way Jagex operates internally, it is probably the best opportunity ever presented to the general public.

1 comment:

Knifestorm said...

Explains a lot, actually.

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