Sunday, March 8, 2009

New content, please?

Sometimes I hate to be right... My early uneasiness and suspitions regarding Jagex's "fixing and polishing" strategy for 2009 seem to gaining more and more ground to thrive on. Only one quest in 2009 so far, missing March "Behind the Scenes" article, indefinitely delayed "Armies of Gielinor" minigame, no planned new skills for 2009, it looks like the mood of the whole Runescape community is about to shift. Q&As with Jagex's owners and CEO lifted the spirits for a while, but even that can't replace a good solid content update. I wrote about it, Tim wrote about it, now came out with this article. I feel like the moment of widespread frustration with the lack of new content is not that far away.


G said...

I hate to do this, but I think I disagree with you on this. There's been no notice of a new skill, I'm with you on that. Interestingly though, they can make word of it and then unveil it within a few months.

Also, its still early March, there's plenty of time.

I do agree with your mindset though that 2009 might just be a year of updates. But I don't think of that as terribly bad. A year of cleaning up the game might be good. If you look at all the additions in 2007-2008, a lot happened. Many quests, GE, grandmaster quest, mini games, summoning 1 & 2, etc.

I still think they have a few things up their sleeves. At the same time, its still early March. We had a quest, a complete re-tooling of the randoms, a new distraction in the evil tree, i dont think its been that devoid of new things.

Aximili E I said...

My understanding was that there was a new skill in the works but wouldn't be released until 2010 and the "frustration" has set in for some already there was a poll on Truthscape on this matter: and 48% polled missed it already and even with its small sample I'm sure this is probably accurate across fansites

Vaskor said...

Aximili E I, yeah, I think I saw Paul answering a question about new skill just like you said: they are working on it but don't expect it in 2009.

G, I might be a bit over pessimistic about 2009, it's just the way I feel about it in the light of the recent moves from Jagex. And I am afraid, I am not alone in it. Yet, I agree with you that 2007-2008 were very reach with new content, players (me including) got spoiled.

Cremlin said...

I'm afraid that after MechScape comes out that they will not give more attention back to RuneScape. The only way I see them improving RuneScape much more is MechScape failing or having slow membership. If this happens, then Jagex might be in a really bad spot and so worse thing could happen to both games.

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