Saturday, April 18, 2009

Evil Runescape Cannons

There are several completely legitimate Runescape activities which are perceived negatively by general Runescape population. Merchanting is one example. And cannoning is another.

Picture you see on forums is mostly players talking about rude and inconsiderate "cannoneers". Well, I'd like to spin it around. Just like Steve said in his today's article, it's "cannoneers" who get offended more often. I've been cannoning my way through Slayer assignments for as long as I can remember and the way it works is that I have to hop worlds several times in order to find an empty world, so not to interfere with other players and only then set my cannon up. After that I just stay there until the assignment is finished. Other players come. Some join in, some leave, but there is always someone who starts calling names. So much for rude and inconsiderate "cannoneers".

1 comment:

Kitt said...

The cannoneers that willfully and with malice set up their cannon just to annoy are my beef.

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