Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspirational article

Nice little inspirational article at Good read and good message.


Steve said...

There is a mentality in RS players, that being the "I was here first" mentality, It is common and I am guilty of it just as much as the next person, it can however be counter productive.

In this article the author mentioned the phrase many times but what was the result, both players were getting half slayer xp and sharing drops, had either hopped they would both get full slayer xp and all the boot drops.

It may have sped up the task a bit by sharing but if your killing for slayer you may as well go for full xp on a good task.

It takes a lot to leave your mages and change world but are you playing to get xp or stop the other player getting xp.

You do not lose by swapping worlds you both gain.

Vaskor said...

True, but it also doesn't feel right to get the bully what he wants. In some cases it stops being about efficient leveling and becomes a stand.

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