Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's the size that matters, isn't it?

Yes, I am back from a wonderful 1000 miles journey which included stone mountains, waterfalls, carillon, art museums, theaters, board games, Hindus temple, bronze mice huntings, orienteering, gold panning, laser show, tornado and hail size of a golf ball. I am sure I missed something... It was awesome!

Runescape wise, I missed many great articles and posts while I was away - but I promise, I'll talk about some of them in the next few days. Meanwhile, here is today's link. A sad one. Though, not entirely unexpected seeing what was happening between Qeltar and Jagex in the last month or so.

But I have yet another reason to be sad about this letter from Jagex because of this paragraph:

"We have now chosen a number of websites to continue working with, supporting them and building a greater relationship. These sites were selected for their size, the prevalence of high quality in-game events, the quality of their on-line guides and also because they take an active part interacting in a positive manner with the wider RuneScape community."

Obviously neither Runewise nor Runescape Reader's Digest fit the criteria and now the doors are closed. Mournful goodbye to my earlier hopes. Alas...

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G said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fantastic trip!

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