Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jagex, Zybez and RWT ads

I am trying to be positive as much as I could with my posts, deals and thoughts. But sometime the stuff I read, while looking for a daily link, irks me so much that I can't restrain myself from writing about it. I am sorry.

As you might have noticed the whole topic of Jagex reaching out to Runescape fan sites still bothers me. I understand and accept Jagex's reasons for working only with "big ticket" fan sites, but why wouldn't they be honest about it?
Take Zybez... Great fan site, yes, one of the best from user interface and content stand point. But used to have (and probably still has) an exclusive deal with RWT companies to serve their image ads. Obviously Jagex can't openly say that they support Zybez, while ads are so bluntly there, so they work with Zybez owners to find a compromise. Fine. Compromise is found: two top ad spaces are filtered from RWT, the third spot remains RWT occupied. Now Zybez can say that they filter the ads, but bad Google "sometime" brings RWT. And Jagex can say: Zybez is cool, they do what they can. Everyone is happy. But what a hypocrisy!

Again I am sorry for such negative post. This is the link that made me write it. Such a mixture of hypocrisy, immaturity and egocentricity...


Primadog said...

I been a member of the tipit for a better part of the decade, so I'll no doubt hold certain bias against any action from Zybez.

This, however, take the cake. Not only did they laud being one of the favored fansites, they do so while admitting their past bad practices -- without remorse. How hard can it be for them to NOT SIGN advertising deals with RWT guys? The other two of the big three - RuneHQ, Tipit, both managed to keep it under control, even Sal's did a good job. How jaded can this crowd of people be? Then to crow RSOF, JaGeX's home coup?

RSOF would probably be an upgrade for them.

Veteran of the Fansite Wars

tommyburke said...

I agree - great fansite, but why should they get away with RWT adds? Just because they are large, it does not mean they can break the rules. It should be a level playing field for all fansites - there are many out there that dont serve RWT ads, yet Zybez do - and when there is finally a reason for them to get rid of them - do they do it themselves? No. Infact, they seem proud of the fact that Jagex helps to do it for them.
And thats the thing - the only reason that Zybez is making this rather poor attempt to get rid of RWT ads is because they have the chance to partner with Jagex - not becuase they care about RS, and the corruption of it with RWT and credit card fraud. What does that say about them?

And thats just the beggining of it really. For them to then go and, well basically "show off" about it for lack of a better term is just ridiculous. Are there appologies for them serving RWT ads, and being amongst the largest RS sites out there, no doubt contributing towards the blight of RWT in RuneScape? Once again, no. All they can do is go on about how they have always been the "favoured" fansite in such a stomach churning egotastic manner.
Not only that, but a majority of the article is about the downside of what this could mean for them - and even the updisedes are mainly about how Zybez "helps" Jagex. Even after breaking their own rules and vowing to help Zybez, all Jaex gets is complaints.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the article is surrounded by RWT adverts.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is if people didn't goto Zybez they wouldnt exist. That's really the only way to protest that site.

Im a runehq person myself, but have also been to tip it. Both these sites are far better then any other in my opinion.

Steve said...

I have noticed that Zybez and Draynor.net have both had RWT sites advertised, I personally use Runehq a lot and they have accounts for sale from eBay pride of place at the top of their community forum.

Why would any respectable fan site offer services that will cause upset to many players through lost or banned accounts, you will never see RWT sites advertised on my blog for the same reason Vaskor has none on here, not just because we don't want to get on the bad side of Jagex but because we care about our readers.

Steve said...

Having said that I have just noticed a few accounts for sale on this site, Doh shame on you.

Vaskor said...

Steve, I haven't seen any RWT here for years. If you see such ads, please, send me their URL and I'll add it to the filter.

Steve said...

No my friend, it was the eBay adds selling accounts, I know you wouldn't have them here if you knew about it, not sure if its a Google add or not, may be an advert within Googles banner promoting eBay, or you may have eBay products on a banner rotator.

Vaskor said...

I just have Google to choose ads for me, but I have a filter in place to filter RWT ads. I'll keep my eyes open for eBay ads, I might just add eBay to the filter, I haven't seen their ads myself yet.

Anonymous said...

Zybez is a bad apple. If only having gold ads was their only bad practice...

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