Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting 99 is never easy...

Getting 99 is never easy... And is always an achievement.

But a tough one to keep playing through. Players often don't realize how difficult it is to remain motivated in Runescape after reaching a 99 in a skill, especially the first 99. Many months of grinding and the last frantic push across 96-99 experience gap make it hard to readjust your play style after the goal is reached.

What can I say? Is there a way to avoid this problem? I think there is. I've been guilty myself in pushing Firemaking and Cooking and as a result I don't train these skills past 99, which is a shame really. But two skills which I didn't push (Thieving and Farming) I still find very enjoyable to train. So for me the solution for future 99s is simple - I won't be pushing anything. I'd rather not get another 99 or get it in two years just as a by-product of playing the game, than try to speed up the skilling thus removing yet another skill from my list of enjoyable Runescape activities.

Alex's article on this topic is here.


Primadog said...

This has always been my philosophy with rs, don't grind what you don't enjoy. This is why despite "newbiei" is half way through the legal voting age, it has yet to get even a single 99 cape, and only last week the character finally got a Quest Cape.

If all goes well, newbiei will get to legally drink before he can do those cool emotes.

Aximili E I said...

Been playing for 3.5+ years don't have a single 99 no skill above 90 combat of 73 (by the way Aximili E i is my only account)I despise grinding in any skill. I love construction but I can only take it in small chunks otherwise... I burnout. Its all about playing style... I know a few that have lots of 99's but still train them becuase they are total nutcases(I think lol) when it comes to skilling lol

Ice the frosty cat said...

That's really true. I've struggled to continue playing since achieving 99 fishing. It's a huge pain, because I really don't want to stop, but I'm lacking the motivation.

Jax said...

There's a few capes I want. But I'm about 2.5 years into it....Like the others I like to pick things up and put things down. I think there's a happy medium between just aimlessly wandering and working on a skill. But this is still a GAME not a job. I was happy enough to grind out a few levels when working to get a quest done. Now, I just pick things and work on them.

G said...

I guess I grinded out (ground?) my fishing cape. That was about a year ago. I took a solid month long break at 92, 96 and 98 though. Before that it was pretty much straight through to 90. I never felt like it was "work" though. I loved doing it, I loved meeting the same people regularly and chatting.

Afterwards I did lose motivation though. I had no idea what to work on. I've gotten to the point now where I work on things here and there and level just on daily activities. Stars and Trees and Staves and the like, an assignment here and there. I really only power train something if I know I can get it in that day.

Sometimes its not grinding though. I kind of miss the days of constant fishing. I still do it now and then just for nostalgia or to keep a friend company.

Anonymous said...

Never used to grind before I joined my most recent skill based clan some months ago.

But now grinding isn't as bad because of all the competitions we set up with in the clan to challenge each other in a skill.

I have to admit getting 99 is great, but after it is harder to train the skill, unless you need the supplies for something (i.e. fishing).

Train at your own pace and don't worry about what others are doing, it makes the game experience much more fun.


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