Friday, May 29, 2009

Interview with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard

New interview with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. All three parts. I bet many of you already saw it, or portions of it, as it was linked from various fan sites, but I do believe it deserves a special place in this blog too :-)

The interview itself didn't reveal a lot of new information, if you don't count hints about something big and awesome (new skill? minigame?) coming this year and a short note about possibility of releasing MechScape under different name (uh-oh). It also clarified and confirmed Jagex's strategies for F2P and Runescape community handling - both already quite clear from Jagex's actions in past few months.

But there is one thing I especially liked about this interview and it is the way Mark positioned and presented himself to the listeners and readers. Comparing to interviews we used to see from Jagex this one was (how should I put it?) - human. Yes, human. It wasn't an interview with a CEO of a big company - it was an interview with a person who does what he likes and likes what he does. At least that's how it seemed to me.



Timothy Gold said...

Awesome stuff.

Looks like we can expect more great things from the game with Mark Gerhard at the helm of Jagex.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree, he is a real human and sounds like a cool guy, I get the clear impression he absolutly loves what he does - lucky man!

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