Monday, June 1, 2009

Collaboration between Runescape Fan Sites. Continued again.

Two more posts about collaboration between Runescape fan sites:

I'll leave it pretty much as it is with only one additional comment: I see collaboration being valuable not on the code level, but on the services level. I mean, it is OK to share code and I personally did it before with combat calculator and high score lookup, but what I am really talking about is using shared services (aka services and widgets) where fan sites would expose their intellectual property for others to use, but would get credit (via back links or other means) for doing it.


Knifestorm said...

The could be the start of a new trend. Instead of new people trying to create entire websites, struggling to get noticed, they could specialize. A person (or team) could become well known for their beasterary for example, and that beasterary could be accessible from a variety of site.

New comers might be less intimidated if they thought they did not have create the whole kit-'n-caboodle, but could concentrate on their small area of expertise.

Good luck

Vaskor said...

Thank you! I hope so too, but we'll see how it goes.

Arieder said...

I'd like to comment on my post, I dont believe its BAD to share code, heck I do it all the time, as well as get code from others to review, check for errors etc, but they are FRIENDS of mine, some fansites may wish to share data, and I see no reason that should be a bad thing, but I also dont think its fair to ridicule those who dont, its their choice as they made their sites, they did a lot of hard work to get that data. I just dont see why everyone is so concerned about it now, like I said in my post, this was not an issue a few months ago, no one cared about it until JaGeX opened up to fansites, and personally, I just see it as a way to get JaGeX to notice how well fansites communicate with eachother.

Vaskor said...

Arieder, I feel I need to explain my motives. I have been doing integration work for almost as long as Runewise exists, integrating Flickr, publicly sharing code for high score lookup and combat formula (I believe Sal's got it from me this way) and integrating marketing indexes from Runescape Wikia and TruthScape while treating them as services. So it's not new for me. What is new is my realization that I can expose Runewise's data as services and I attribute me joining Twitter community to that.

It is to be seen if other fan sites accept the idea. I hope they do, as I believe there are benefits for all parties involved. But I am not in a position to force anything here.

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