Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quest Cape on a rise?

Merch Gwyar's observations about a shift in Quest Cape perception in Runescape community. I do agree, it seems like Quest Cape gains more significance in eyes of Runescape players as time passes. Skill capes are not rare anymore and Quest Cape indeed shows un-faltered dedication to the game. It is much faster for a new player to get Cooking, Thieving or Firemaking cape than to complete all the quests nowadays. And then keep it that way.

P.S. I still value my Farming cape more, but I guess it may change in the next few years...


Jax said...

With WGS you do need to be legitimately high leveled to get a quest cape.

And by high leveled I mean top 100k in a game with 5 million players.

Plus, you have to show some thought and cleverness to ge through them all. And the time investment is greater then some skill capes.

The bigger question is why are skill capes such a big deal.

Whiskas88 said...

Personally, I haven't seen a difference, absolutely no-one takes any notice of my Quest Cloak (I call it a cloak 'cause I prefer the word..)

Primadog said...

As the game develop, exp becomes faster and easier to gain while quest cape become more difficult.

I remember musing that on a similar thought: because JaGeX has such a head start, there may be a point in the future when it becomes impossible for a new player to ever catch up with all the quests.

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