Sunday, June 14, 2009

Runescape Secrets Revealed

Finally, all Runescape secrets are revealed in this comprehensive interview with Jagex's CEO Mark Gerhard (or Mod MMG if you will). Enjoy.


Cremlin said...

I want some sexy shorts like that... he's just using haxx cuz hes the CEO

Anonymous said...

I think they are dwarven shorts.

Merch Gwyar said...

Cameron must put the speech in afterwards.

I always thought that a lot of editing went in just to speed it up, because otherwise they would all be typing very fast. But now I know it's added later, probably before the speech.

How do I know? The English Mark appears to be writing in perfect American spelling. LOL

Really funny and great video. Endless respect to TehNoobShow.

Anonymous said...

Yay I love Rinescape secrets! (fix your title plz)

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