Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Runescape Blogs

Thank you, Kitt. I fully agree with your post. We all should look for and encourage other Runescape bloggers. I am guilty myself of not commenting enough, but I do read all blogs I am subscribed to and I am subscribed to pretty much every Runescape blog I know about :-) If you have ever left a comment in this blog and have your blog in the profile, rest assured, I am subscribed to it.

With that I also would like to encourage you, my dear readers, to reveal what your sites and blogs are. It is perfectly fine to leave a link in the comments. The only links I delete are RWT/cheating ones and sometime mindless multiple advertisements. But that's it. Thank you.


Aximili E I said...

I think I've said this before but the RS blog sphere would be a sad place without you, Vaskor, directing us to so many fascinating blogs=)

Alex said...

^It's a shame mine hasn't come up yet :P

But then again, I don't do the article writing/game observations that Vaskor favours, I'm just a RL blogger that plays RS.

Anyway, I think that maybe I have publicity enough with my MechScape posts. They have a nice little readership. :D

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