Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Endgame

This post from Zybez's blog got me thinking. Indeed, wouldn't it be nice to have some non-exp related goals past 99? In this case getting 99 in a skill wouldn't be the end of it, but only an enabler for completing these extra tasks and activities. Something like achievement diaries, but much longer, harder, constantly updated with new tasks and possibly without any rewards associated with the tasks completion. What do you think?


Boombaye1 said...

Vaskor, check the Development Blogs.

They made one of Mobilising Armies on the 26th, it states we should have the new minigame in a few weeks.

rufus toofus said...

The problem with this is relatively few players have many 99 skills. It seems Jagex would rather create content for teh nub majority than teh 1337 minority.

Vaskor said...

Well, number of players who reached 99 at least in one skill is somewhere around 100-200K, I think. And it is growing. It is only a matter of time for a widespread plea for post 99 content to appear.

Alex said...

I disagree, the cape is a pretty pointless object as it isn't the goal - the 99 itself is just for the sake of maxing the skill.

What is more likely to be rewarding in terms of content unlocked is training all skills up equally - if most content is unlocked in the 40-70 range (and that's a big range!) then train everything to 80 before getting a 99.

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