Monday, July 20, 2009

New Service at Runewise

I have a good excuse for not posting yesterday :-) I've been working on a new totally unique service for Runewise (and possibly other fan sites). It is also the first Runewise's service I implemented in collaboration with another PHP developer (benzrf), which I haven't done before.


Here is what it is about. Now, when you see Runewise Advice you may notice that some of the items and commodities are highlighted. Hover your mouse over and you'll get a nice little tooltip with the current GE price of this item or commodity. Seemingly simple, but very convenient :-)

P.S. underneath the hood a basis text analityc solution was implemented, so any text can be annotated with such tooltips now.


Joost said...

Looks great, implementing runewise tools in runetower has been delayed a bit since I'm busy with some other projects...

Cremlin said...

Nice service!
'Simingly' is misspelled, should be 'seemingly'

Vaskor said...

Cremlin - fixed, thanks!

Joost - no problem, there is no rush, but I would definitely love to see how the integration would work :)

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