Monday, August 3, 2009

How to organize your Runescape bank

An article in the Informer about one of possible ways to organize and clean your Runescape bank. While the article itself is rather good and undoubtedly useful, what caught my attention was the fact that my tabs are ~80% different from the author's tabs. Just one of those little proof points that everyone plays this game differently. I bet it would be a difficult task to find two people with identical bank tabs. I also think that these bank tabs would make a nice field for research of player personalities and play styles.


Aximili E I said...

Here's my bank it's a few month old but its still very much the same as it is now:

G said...

Very interesting! For the sake of contribution I have my tabs as 1) everything. food, needles, big sharks, roots, rods, shade keys, remains, sand, ecto tokens, holiday items, everything...

second tab, all runes, staves and teletabs, including rc pouches, pharohs, orbs, battlestaves, ancients, etc.

3rd, all herbs, seeds, herblore seconds.

4th, range including all dhide, bolts, cannon, god books, crystal shield, snake boots, ava's. all range associated things.

5: all jewelery. camulet, ghostspeak, glory, recoil, dueling, salve, cb bracelet, forinthy, etc, if its jewelery its here.
6, all melee gear. d legs, bandos chest, whip, scimmy, defender, dds, proseltye, helms, d boots, anti fire shield, all here.

7, pots. all potions are here. self explanitory

8, clothes - anything non cb related, but you wear, its here

9, clues - everything you need for all 1,2,3 level clues. blue dhide chaps, bonespear, bronze full helm, addy med helm, etc. anything thats used for a clue,that doesnt really get used for normal cb/range/etc, goes here. spade and all coordinate gear goes here as well.

thats a look into my bank :)

3rd tab,

Timothy Gold said...

I should be in bed now but...

Infinity sign tab - Random assortment of stuff I keep withdrawing and depositing

Tab 2 - Currency + teleportation, excluding runes

Tab 3 - Food, herbs and potions

Tab 4 - Armour, Melee weapons and Slayer Equipment

Tab 5 - Runes, bows and ammunition

Tab 6 - Seeds, produce and farming tools

Tab 7 - Summoning and Hunter stuff

Tab 8 - Wood, ore, gems and tools for several skills

Tab 9 - Handy quest items like Monkey Greegrees and ____speak amulets, as well as non-combat clothes, including p-hats :-D

Jax said...

Tab 1-Stuff I grab all the time. In the first position is an anti and next to it are impling jars and nets.Then various staffs, potions, stuff I use all the time.

Tab 2-Tools and jewelry

Tab 3-Farming and herblore supplies

Tab 4-All things melee and summoning

Tab 5-Cooking supplies, logs and all other woodcutting/firemaking items (excepts axes which are tools)

Tab 6-Misc assortment of stuff from quests or for minigames

Tab 7- Crafting/smithing supplies and gear.
Tab 8-Runes, range and various clothes that go with that

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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