Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jagex's Official Position regarding Merchanting Clans

From the last bunch of Q&As: Jagex's Official Position regarding Merchanting Clans.

And also this disturbing link.


Boombaye1 said...

So they don't want them all to die horrible burning deaths?


knifestorm said...

Sometime I'm amazed how this game mirrors the real world.

Jagex's stand seems reasonable to me.
"What is not allowed on the forums
Deliberately trying to scam or deceive other players. This includes telling people any false information to try and make them lose their money.

Making any kind of promise like "You will make millions by doing what we say." As we've explained above, trying to 'play the Exchange' is inherently risky and you can't guarantee that players will make a profit.

Telling others what items to buy or sell, what prices to set, and when to buy or sell. You may give advice and make recommendations, but not give absolute instructions. Everyone is free to make the trades that they personally wish to, as long as they are within the limits imposed automatically by the GE system.

Asking players to "advertise" a clan chat channel in-game for any period of time. This leads to the use of autotypers which are against the Rules of Conduct and cause disruption for other players."

Cremlin said...

basically they don't oppose it at all unless people are being scammed

Vaskor said...

Yeap, looks like there is no intention to deal with merchanting clans. Jagex's statements are all good and fair, but the problem is that all "serious" merchanting clans are scams and make money by duping other players.

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