Saturday, August 1, 2009

Private Off

Interesting post from Jax about tendency to play with private chat turned off. Is it an unfriendly gesture? Aren't we supposed to interact with other players and especially friends within the game?

I guess, everybody has his/her own reasons. I'll give you mine, as I play with private chat off too.

  • I play so little, that when I do play, that's exactly what I want to do :-)
  • I feel more comfortable when interacting with friends via blogs/comments and on forums.
  • And I am not good at small talk.

However, I always have public chat on and do talk to random people within the game. But those are just game interactions which do not bound me in any way.


Timothy Gold said...

A Seether, eh? Yeah, I think I can relate :-)

Jax said...

Trust me Tim I consider you and a few other bloggers I read often Seethers in your own rights (Kitt comes to mind along with the Piscatoris Intellingencer blogger).

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