Saturday, September 19, 2009

GO OUTSIDE - Love, Jagex

I guess it's time to say something about recent Runescape updates. Well... Living Rock Caverns sounds like an awesome place, it's a pity I found myself to be too low level to take advantage of it. Rather strange feeling, you know. I don't know how Jagex guessed it, but Mining and Fishing are the only two skills I haven't trained at all in the past year or even more. Anyway, David7raul gives a great overview of the update here.

As far as the Objectives tab goes, I think it is a good smart step from Jagex. They definitely picked that one up from Runscape fan sites and tools (like Swiftkit and, yes, Runewise). Then I saw the "You have completed the game! GO OUTSIDE. - Love, Jagex" screenshot in Alex's blog. Isn't it nice :-) My first thought was that this is a message that appears after an objective is completed (wouldn't it be cool?), but, alas, no. The message is shown only to players with maxed out skills and all quests completed. So I was somewhat disappointed, but it was still quite a funny message. And then I looked it up at RSOF and, you know what, people have a huge thread going on there demanding that Jagex apologize to high level players for giving up a message like that!! I know, there wasn't a single update which didn't cause an uproar, but that? I simply refuse to admit that so many Runescape players have no sense of humor whatsoever!

That's all.


NeobotXP said...

IMO having done about 1k's worth of Rockfish I'd put the exp at ~30-40k an hour (Sustained with Granite Lobster at 95 fishing in a safe spot).

That'll hopefully give at least 400k/h profit after the price settle

Comparing to other methods:
Monkfish at 33k/h 130k Profit
Barbarian at 60k/h 0 Profit
Shilo at 40k/h negligible profit.

I really want to see how they came up with the high mining rate. This could finally be a breakthrough. :D

Kitt said...

I already finished Outside. Now what? :P

David7raul said...

Thank you very much for yet another reference to my blog Vaskor :). The update was great in my opinion, espececially because I was training Fishing at the time :P. Neo, I've fished about 2k Rocktail and I've timed 3 hours and I got the following Exp rates per hour: 39k, 44k, and 49k. I've posted results on the RS forums, if your intersted search "Exp rates with new fish". They seem like very slow exp, but if you know to fish them in a full world( World 2) so you have less chances of being attacked, you know how to run away from monsters, and you know what spots to fish them at, I believe someone with 99 Fishing and a familiar can reach 55k gp/hour. Sorry for the long comment, thank you for another wonderful post Vaskor :).

Ham100000001 said...

I like how they introduced the first Rare spawn monster in RS. Well other than dragon imp. I hope they introduce more of them.

Alex said...

Hehe, I loved that pic :)

Only really stuck up people would take offence, and I think most of the maxed out people are nice enough.

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