Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to be rich in Runescape

Merch Gwyar at her best. An ultimate guide on how to BE rich in Runescape.

P.S. Completely unrelated. Something just occurred to me today. This is the skillers graveyard. Not a single pker buried there - they all end up at the Bone Yard in the wilderness.


Timothy Gold said...

Snap judgments? How true!

I made an inward groan upon seeing the article's title; I assumed Vaskor was going to bring up one of those hackneyed get-rich-quick guides. It was only after reading through the actual post when I realised how wrong I was.

I'm not one to laugh at the poor or lower leveled like what that awful group of players at the GE had done, but I haven't exactly been sensitive to the needs of newbies either.

Tyvm, Merch, for being such a shining example for us all; the post was a refreshing read. :-)

G said...

I never picked up on the skillers graveyard either. Its amazing what you can miss when you don't even really think about things while playing.

Merch Gwyar said...

*preens* Oh! Thank you! :D

And you're welcome, Timothy. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday in your blog too.

Alex said...

I try and help out newbs - if someone asks me nicely for a hand in something I'll help even if I'm a bit vague.

On the other hand, asking about what cape/clothes I'm wearing or begging really annoy me.

Vaskor said...

Sorry, couldn't resist and used this misleading title. But I did want "ultimate money making guide seekers" to find and read Merch's post. If some thing can change their view of the money in the game, this post is that thing.

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