Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"How To"s and Loose Ends

With so many new Runescape bloggers and overall pick up in Runescape blogging, I am indeed torn between so many great posts and links I'd like to point to. That's a good thing, of course :-) But that also means that I am not featuring everything I would normally do. Oh well, I can only promise to try to do my best...

Anyway, today I'd like to talk a little bit about setting up new blogs and also tie up a few loose ends, that is point to a few articles and posts which were relevant to my previous post about grinding (or rather refusal to grind) and which gave me additional inspiration and material for that post.

Alex actually wrote the whole guide on where to download blog templates (themes) and how to install them. If you are technically savvy and not afraid of changing some HTML and XML files, it might be just what you are looking for. But if you are just a casual blogger, my advice would be to simply pick one of pre-defined templates Blogspot or Wordpress offer and simply use it. Over time you'll add more sections to the template or maybe even customize it a bit, but really you don't have to get fancy with templates right from the start. At least, that's the story of this blog's template: I started with the pre-defined Blogspot template and only made a few cosmetic changes to it over the course of two years.

Now, to tie the loose ends :-)
There were two articles that somewhat influenced my outburst in the "Back to Grinding?" post (along with the Tip.it article, of course).

  • One is Knifestorm's post about accidental quitting of Runescape. If you were wondering were Knifestorm is nowadays, that's the answer.
  • And the second one is from Tiz Yeo about his way to play the game. His way is almost 100% different from my way, but also does not include heavy grinding. My point here is that Runescape offers so many ways to play the game, that there are surely ways to enjoy it without making a work out of it.

P.S. And, finally, if you are a part of Runescape Twitter community, stay away from Linkbuilder. Apparently he's got into a habit of stealing content from other's blogs and is an owner of a splog now. I'll be filing DMCA complains tomorrow...

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NeobotXP said...

Last time I forgot to pay my membership I just ended up getting 99fm and wc in f2p.


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