Thursday, September 17, 2009

Runescape Numbers

NeoAvatar's approximation for Runescape assets and resources:

  • ~160 Quests
  • ~200 spells
  • ~1 million lines of code (~2 years ago)
  • ~1MB data per account (a rough number I heard a while back) x ~100 million accounts - ~100 terabytes of storage for that, plus game data - models and stuff, plus old versions - ~10 terabytes (totally wild guess). Back it all up three times - 400 terabytes storage
  • 150 bugs per week (1 week in QA found 123 bugs with the latest Dwarf Quest, earlier in the game there were probably less bugs found and recorded) @ 52 weeks per year @ 9 years running = 70,000 bugs squashed
  • 11k NPCs (+ chat heads), 13k objects, 2.5k interface items, 15k 'world objects', 1k textures, +old versions = 150,000 art assets, 50,000 'active'
Staggering, isn't it?
But check his post and compare with WoW numbers...

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Runescaep Forums said...

Those are some crazy numbers. Just wonder what they will be in a year.

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