Friday, September 4, 2009

Runescape Wiki

I am happy to announce that both Runewise and Runescape Reader's Digest are officially affiliated (exchanged links) with Runescape Wiki. I honestly don't think Runescape Wiki needs much of an introduction here, as I bet you already know about this site. It is awesome.

It is also amazing to see a site like that built (and prospering) under "wiki democracy" governing model. Just like wikipedia, it shows that people are willing to work together and are able to agree on things. And that includes Runescape players :-)

I also have to admit that the affiliation application process was very educational for me. Long but not hard and totally unlike usual peer to peer connections Runescape fan sites maintain. I don't know why Jagex hasn't recognized Runescape Wiki yet, but won't be surprised if the reason is in the absence of a way to establish non public peer to peer communication channel with an owner (of course, there is no owner).

Anyway, I am very glad that we are affiliated now.

Now, I do have a few links to share:



Primadog said...


I always been a big fan of the runewiki (and occasional contributor). It's pretty amazing how a dedicated team of fans can make make this one of the biggest, quality game wiki on the web.

NeobotXP said...

Woo! RS Wiki. Congratulations
The quality of information on there easily easily trumps any of the fansite guides.

As Primadog said it is one of the biggest quality wikis out there.

Joost said...

Gratz Vaskor. I've been wondering if the work 'us' fansites are doing is becoming outdated with the coming of wikis.

Merch Gwyar said...

Woot congratulations! I often used the wiki to quickly look something up.

I kind of live on Runescape Reader, Sal's, Runescape Wiki and Grand Exchange Central.

Vaskor said...

Thank you!

Joost, tough question. I think fan sites have the "casual" community aspect, wikis don't. Wikis are more serious, IMHO.

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