Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zybez's Runescape Blog

I feel somewhat guilty about me always criticizing articles coming from Zybez's blog. The reason is that I actually use the site just as often as I use Tip.it. If you brush aside the RWT past and don't mind over-moderation of the forum, Zybez is a very good Runescape site. Why is it not recognized by Jagex? The story about "competitive ads" is murky. Zybez published its version of the story, but Jagex didn't. And I don't want to speculate about it.

Anyway, Zybez is not on the list of the approved Runescape fan sites and, not surprisingly, resentment seeps into their blog. If you are looking for articles with anti-Jagex sentiment, that is the place to go. And sometime those articles irk me enough, that I feel a need to voice my opinion, hence those negative reviews...

So why I keep reading it? Well, because, it is not all bad, of course. In fact, many of the articles in Zybez's blog are just normal Runescape related articles without any kind of bias and some of them are quite good. Like this one about skills needed for pking from a non-pker point of view.

So, yeah, when I am criticizing Zybez's blog posts, I am not really trying to paint them in black...

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