Monday, October 12, 2009

Co-Op Quests in Runescape

A post from Jamie about doing quests with a friend. It is indeed fun. I remember doing Dragon Slayer with a friend and, guess what, I still remember this quest very well, when I completely forgot many others which I did alone.

But do we need more quests which would require two people to get through? I don't think so. I agree with Jamie that it makes sense to have quests designed in a way that they would flow nicely for two people, but I wouldn't like to see more quests that would require a partner.

Maybe I am just a "lone wolf" type of player, but I think I am far from being an exception in this regard.


Avicile Mohaili said...

Doing quests with someone was what sparked me to go for the Questcape. They were so fun and got addicting LOL!

Aximili E I said...

Same... the most recent quest I did(Clock Tower)I did it with Lady Riddel and it was a blast hope to do another one with her soon.

LEB557 said...

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Vaskor said...

Leb557, thank you for the link! I'll be reading your blog from now on.

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