Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is 76king really gone?

Well, hidden and shocking Adventurer's Log update was definitely #1 on my list yesterday, but, of course, there also was long awaited anti-76king update too. I've seen several posts about it, including one from pker stand point, but I still don't get it. Is 76king really gone or it will simply turn into a 3+ players clan/group activity? If later, I won't be happy... Anyone knows for sure?


Aximili E I said...

From a TS thread :"But it does fail to stop 76k'ing. People will just adjust their tactics and it will continue. 76k clans will become more widespread." I think answers your question Vaskor

Vaskor said...

Aximili E I, I saw that too, I am not convinced. I think it was just a theoretical statement.

Runescape Bits said...

Cool lol my article was on #1 your list =) and thanks for mentionning!

While I had done a good bunch of times the 26k trick on f2p, Ive never done it in p2p even if I'm member but have had friends saying that it was much better than in f2p, probably rewards are proportional but 26k trick and 76k is the same principle and works same.

Anyway, after trying the trick several times in f2p, I either dont win anything or make very slight profits, and with low enough ep even loose money.

Let me tell you though why it's not worth it even if you can make a bit of money ; ep itself is worth money. In p2p you can make 300k an hour if you want to, and it takes 2 hours usually to get 100% ep. those two hours would be worth 600k in p2p - so even if you win some little profit, it won't be worth it. Ep is VALUABLE, its a non-treadable valuable good, and blowing that good in exchange of thin or even medium profits is like loosing money or time in a sense. I have verified this in f2p only - but in my opinion it should be all the same in p2p since you would need to make at least 600k profit or more per trick for it to be worth it if youre doing the trick with 100 ep. If you like going in pvp once in a while you will understand how valuable ep is. Do you guys actually understand what I'm saying?

Chk ChkChk said...

I was kind of ticked off about this update, but I suppose it's supposed to help balance out the game and everything again. What's ironic is I was just learning and starting to PVP again. -.-

Aximili E I said...

Just to let you know Vaskor: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?autocom=blog&blogid=1726&

Vaskor said...

Runescape Bits, thank you for the comment. I surely hope you are right in your assessment. Looking at the price drops all over the board, the inflation might indeed be over after this change.

Aximili E I, thank you for the link, I added it to my list.

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