Thursday, October 29, 2009

MechScape won't happen. Stellar Dawn?

Just found out about it: long awaited MechScape release wasn't just postponed - the whole game project was canceled. Ouch... Jagex plans to salvage some assets from MechScape and use them in another game (currently planned for 2010, currently called Stellar Dawn).

Here are the sources:


llocidul said...

I don't believe it, they aren't stopping a thing. They just set a new game name. It wasn't like it had a bunch of in-game videos and photos! All they are doing is changing the name to "Stellar Dawn" I still want to see the same things I expected from MechScape.(But the storyline and everything else changed) Because it is still in VERY early stages.

Primadog said...

It seem to be a case of poor journalism.

Stellar Dawn has always been a possible name for Mechscape, revealed multiple times by Mechscapeworld. From my reading of both articles, it seems this is a reboot of Mechscape, much like what happened to Window Vista or the original Starcraft after its E3 debut.

Alex said...

Pretty much yeah, people are getting hot under the collar over stuff we've known for ages - the release is getting knocked back because they've decided to redo the game. The core stays the same, but there will be some new paintwork on the outside.

Knifestorm said...

This is much more than a mere name change. Top people were canned. Existing content is scrapped. Much of the game play is also being thrown out.

Somehow I was afraid this may happen. Jagex attitude toward Mechscape demonstrated an attitude where the perfect was enemy of the good. "Perfect" software never ships.

Vaskor said...

It is much more serious than renaming (or at least it sounds like that). According to Mod MMG they already tried to fix the game and couldn't, so they basically starting all over. Yes, they will be reusing a lot of artifacts (core engine, artwork etc.), but they basically will be creating a new game. IHMO, we won't see it released in 2010, though, I'll be happy to be mistaken.

Kieran said...

I expect that their remake of Stellar Dawn will have much of the some history and lore as their original version had, although a lot of the mechanics will probably change.

The game to date has taken over 3 years to complete, the fact that they expect their remake to be ready for release in 2010 is an indication that not everything will be changed.

Also, for those interested, check out this Stellar Dawn Help Site.

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