Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Accounts?

Kitt Fox talks about her reasons for having (and paying for) two Runescape accounts. And not a typical "main & pure" pair, but two independent balanced skillers. She is the only person I know who has such setup. I wonder if it is indeed that rare - probably is.

More common cases (and, of course, we are talking about member accounts only):

  • Main and a Pure Pker
  • Main and a Pure Skiller
  • Main and a "Goal" account (for instance, an account to get untrimmed Slayer cape)
  • Main and a Quester (this is something I've been actually thinking about, but then Jagex mentioned that they will eventually allow to redo quests)

Are there others?


topper said...

Not really sure why people would want to redo quests, unless the story line changed so much that "my" history of the story line is just different by that much, or a loss of a quest item that you can't get back just by talking to the NPC's involved with the quest.

anyway... I pay for 4 accounts currently, and only have control of 1 of them (Kids have the rest)... $20 a month is more than enough for me.

Merch Gwyar said...

That's really cool. I've never understood the idea of having two accounts, as one account is hard work enough for me. This explains it! Nice one, Kitt.

I would like to do some of the quests again though. I do enjoy questing and many of my quests were done in standard detail on a lagging computer.

Btw, Vaskor, I feel like a little scout on your behalf! LOL I've found another good Rs blog:

Kitt said...

Redoing the quests is weird, yeah, but only a few I don't want to do again (DT, ME2 and DM). It's getting a second chance to do something but do it right this time. :P

Aximili E I said...

Closest I get to 2 accounts is the fact that that I have access to RSC and RS2 though I don't blog on my RS2 character...

Vaskor said...

Topper, Four, wow! But if you put it like that, then I do pay for 2 accounts too :-)

Merch, thank you for the link!

I want to redo a lot of quests, some because I liked them that much and some because I was using guides back when I did them (which I regret now) and want to experience these quests in full.

G said...

A lot of people I know have 2 accounts. One is the one they usually play on, the other is usually a newer account they use as almost a place holder. For example, If we're getting kc at gwd, and they've gotten their 40, they might log out and log into their new account so that they don't waste time on their familiar, but know when its time to switch back to their 'main' in order to go into the boss room.

Meili said...

Um yes I have a noob account I go on when I want to relax but I don't get exp on her because when I do I always think "wow I could be getting 10x better stuff on Meili."

Also, my friends can never remember the other account is also me.

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