Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Agility Pyramids and Jagex's Twitter Hints

I am still in Mexico (had to stay for an extra week), working hard, but enjoying the country as well. I did have a chance to climb a few agility pyramids at Teotihuacan. There were two big pyramids (Moon and Sun) and a score of smaller ones. What can I say? Unlike its Runescape counterpart I wouldn't go for several laps there :-)

But seriously, the Teotihuacan complex was magnificent.

Here we go:

PirĂ¡mide del Sol

PirĂ¡mide de la Luna

Now about Jagex's Twitter Hints. Armmadylo is talking about them and how updates can be predicted based on these hints a few days prior (good for merchanting, anyone?). Quite frankly I was amazed how Armmadylo predicted the last two updates - simply wow!
And here is the Jagex's Twitter URL - IMHO, a useful feed to be subscribed to.


Merch Gwyar said...

It looks gorgeous in Mexico. Take me with you next time. >:(

G said...

Didn't they build a WalMart there? I remember hearing stories about them unearthing some pretty amazing artifacts, but the company throwing them in the dump. It came out when people who spoke out about it were fired. I think this was just a few years ago.

I was there when I was a kid, it was beautiful. I forget if its close or not, but if you have the opportunity, check out Chich'en Itza. Although I heard in the past couple years they stopped letting people climb to the top of the pyramid. The Great Ball Court is pretty cool and if you get to see the pyramid at the right hour around sunset, you can see they built it with shadows in mind. It looks like giant serpents on the side.

Also, don't watch the movie The Ruins :) Enjoy your travels!

Vaskor said...

Oh, Merch :-)

G, haven't seen WalMarts there, but Spaniards did build churches on top of all and any pyramid temples they could find. Also my friends in the town near the pyramids shown me their own collection of ancient pottery (mostly shards and toys), collected during the past 20-30 years simply by planting flowers in the backyard. It looks like the old artifacts are everywhere, if someone bothers to dig.
Chich'en Itza is far away, so maybe next time :-) I am finally flying back home this Saturday.

buck said...

Nice pics of the pyramids

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.

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