Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Death Wish?

"I have a death wish in game. I spent some time reviewing my activities in runescape and there is no way around it, I am asking to get myself killed."

No, that's not me - that's Gerasimos.

But could be me just as well. I am too trying to stretch limits of my character's abilities and spend hours soloying (or trying to solo) bosses and hunting revenants. And death is always somewhere very close, but (usually) not quite there.

What is this obsession?

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Traygon said...

Seems as though there is an adrenaline rush when you are fighting against hard(er) monsters in the game. The combat is normally seen as easy or level comforting, with most monsters you fight being around your level or only just above. I think I will turn out to be the same when I grow past 100 combat.

Near death experience is almost an excitement and is great to know that it isn't just a bashing game where there is no brain power required. Strategy is sometimes needed, which separates RPG players from kids.

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