Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Runescape Community

Can I add anything to Merch Gwyar's post about Runescape Community? I don't know... I mean I can add more examples of players being friendly and nice to other players and, of course, some examples of players being rude and obnoxious. But that won't matter, right?

Yet... I have different view of the Runescape Community and the way it is now. I actually think that it hasn't changed. Well, not exactly, Runescape itself has changed and the community had to adapt, yes. But it didn't get either worse or better. It stayed the same. You see, we are talking about millions of people playing Runescape, some are bad, some are good (mostly good - just because people in general are mostly good). I don't think that out of a sudden good people left the game and bad people started to join, or vica versa. What I think is that some people left the game and some people joined - and that was it.


Merch Gwyar said...

You know, you're probably right. What did change was me. I started playing Runescape in utter delight at the shiny pretty game in front of me. Then came the RWT measures, which came at a horribly inconvenient time for me. That, in turn, meant that I stopped enjoying it and started seeing the darker side over the lighter side.

Since coming back, Runescape has had to almost prove itself again, before I could just accept it as it is. In the meantime, my levels have risen and I do think that levels have a huge impact upon how you view the game; plus how others view you.

Thank you for reminding me that all things are a matter of perception. <3

Alex said...

Ren gave me some lovely quotes from 2002 one time. People who had joined at the literal beginning of the game were complaining in the typical modern fashion about the noobs who were ruining the game.

In 2002. The game had been out for a year.

The community erosion is not a modern thing. The game was never wonderful. There was never a time when everyone were bessie mates.

Simple013 said...

Up to a point you all are correct, there still are loads of nice people around. That is exactly why I the first question I posed was: What has happened to me? The second part was 'to the game'.

Perception is the main factor, both my perception and that of fellow players. The only reason I blogged about it was MY apparent inability to conform to todays norm. I have changed more than the game has, or the community for that matter.

One thing that I cannot get my head around is this: I did write a few guides in my time. All of them with the help of others, all pitching in to make the best one possible; not to get a name on a site, but the objective was to help others, and, in the case of members quests, to write them in such a way a freeplayer would be happy to read it so he would know what was going on in that elusive members world. Today the main drive seems to be: 'I want my name on the site'.

Obviously I don't agree with that stance: Who cares who wrote one? The reader sure as hell doesn't.

Steve said...

Where do all the bad players hide?

I have read about bad players on Runescape and how the community has gone down hill but have yet to witness it.

I was at Edgeville bank and I saw a couple of players having a slanging match for some reason, it is so rare to see that I stood and watched it for a while, basically it was about a player who didn't help out much at GWD in their last boss fight.

Since the time when no one stood to benefit from players deaths the community has improved, noob was a common word now an almost obsolete word, players now either help people or just go about their own business.

I still play a lot and mix with all walks of life and areas, perhaps I just emit a calming affect on my fellow players, in Merch's post it highlights the good in people, I would find it difficult to find situations to show the bad side of the game.

rarely do I find a star in the wildy when everyone isn't prepared to help when revs come, I don't fight the revs "often" but I will carry sharks and anti poison for the ones that do, as already said penguins are a good sign of community spirit.

I don't PVP or visit free worlds where I would expect things to be different to a certain degree.

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