Friday, January 15, 2010

Guide to killing Nomad from Nomad's Requiem

I've been battling various bosses during the last 2 days. A lot. With marginal success...

  • Made two more visits to Jad (no luck...)
  • Finally did the Blood Runs Deep quest and defeated the Dagonnath Mother from the third attempt (first I forgot death runes... then I ran out of air runes during the battle...). The quest was beautiful, by the way. Beautiful and sad. Did they have to kill my wife? Did they really?!
  • And, of course, I bumped into Nomad. About 8 times... And only once I got to the berserk stage. I don't think I am close to winning there yet. Well, at least he does not heal on me anymore. But I am running out of supplies: 5-6 more tries and I'll have to postpone the whole thing.

Found a few good guides on how to kill Nomad (as expected the started to appear). This is probably the best written one and below is a good visual illustration to it. Good luck, everyone, no matter what they say about skillful clicking, luck is definitely needed in Nomad's presence.


NeobotXP said...

Best of luck on your future tries, I also loved blood runs deep :)

Oh, and I'm having a field day as a toadflax farmer with all these brews being chugged down ;)

Vaskor said...


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