Monday, January 18, 2010

War of Legends Fan Sites

The game is not released yet, but fan sites are already there :-)

Last time I pointed to a new War of Legends wiki, this time it is LegendsTower - a sister site to RuneTower. Knowing Joost, the site will be a good one. Right now it has all the latest news (including new trailer) and lots of pictures "leaked out" from the War of Legends development team.


NeobotXP said...

It looks exactly like one of the thousands of East Asian RPGs out there. This feels like a bad move for Jagex.

Alex said...

Especially with this Jcredits trademark we found on MSW -

Doesn't look good.

Robert Horning said...

I should point out that there is "another" War of Legends Wiki that you should at least pay attention to:

I don't know if the two wiki communities will ever join together and cooperate, and it is sort of sad that they are competing against each other, but there are two different wiki communities out there.

I have, as should be apparent, my own biases for which one is better, but come by and take a look if you care.

Primadog said...

It's released!

llocidul said...

WOL is a Evony remake, nothing else. I am disappointed in so many ways it's not funny. Anyone who doesn't know, pull up Evony and WOL and tell me they don't look like clones?

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