Saturday, January 16, 2010

War of Legends. New game from Jagex

You probably already heard about it: Jagex is going to release a new game called War of Legends. But the game wasn't developed by Jagex - it was acquired (through an acquisition, I suppose). And that's why I am not that exited about it. There are tons of online RPG games and it sounds like simply yet another one. I was excited about MechScape, because Jagex was putting so much effort and innovation into it and I personally like Jagex's innovations inside Runescape for the most part. But just applying a heavy brand name to someone else's game - no, thank you.

I'll be glad to be wrong though.

Anyway, if you are looking for some early information about War of Legends, here is a good source.

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Alex @ Runescape Bits said...

I don't seem to be liking that game either... it has those cheap chineese style graphics, and the whole game is about the chineese culture and wars - the chinese were a weak culture for most of their history. I am looking forward though to make some pages or blog about the game and rake in some money even if I'll hate the game.. you probably should too vaskor, Cheers!

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